Introducing MYKILOS

Daniel McGlashan

For Berlin design label MYKILOS, modern visions meet an iconic pastMYKILOS, fronted by Bauhaus Design School graduates Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Schöpfer began expertly in the field of furniture design before reaching deep into the terrain of kitchen and interior projects. Known for their gentle industrial design aesthetics, it has been a natural step for MYKILOS to portray a wider design spectrum, thus making MYKILOS a one stop shop for all home decor needs, while also being a place for people to meander in their custom-made kitchen design dreams until they become a reality.
A contemporary design studio, MYKILOS binds iconic qualities of the past with modern interpretations. Through each piece in their collection they also share their thoughts on culture; by incorporating a rational seriousness with a gentle touch to express both the German quality and Berlin creativity that sheds light onto each of their pieces.
This mixture of rational seriousness also translates into the intelligently designed products influenced by the Bauhaus movement which became synonymous with bridging gaps between art and industry. ‘CHAIR 3’, with inspiration in industrial aircraft archetypes. ‘RAY GLASSES’, hand-cut and crafted to create subtle splinters of light from each vessel. ‘BATCH’ table, a minimal interpretation of the ultimate organiser: robust, neutral and appealing to the modern eye.
With each piece thought-out, designed and developed out of their central Berlin studio, integrity is put forward through form and shape — MYKILOS is a design label who seek to define new classics.