Introducing Grown Alchemist

Daniel McGlashan

Grown Alchemist
The Grown Alchemist skincare range presents a new generation of organic formulas to revolutionise and revitalise the approach to anti-aging, body and haircare. With all products in the collection boasting Australian certified organic and active ingredients, Grown Alchemist are harnessing extreme beauty results without reaching for any artificial or unethical ingredients.
Behind Grown Alchemist is a sophisticated group of cosmetic biologists from around the world whose sole aim has been to scientifically demonstrate that all-natural ingredients will improve both the texture and appearance or our skin due to the molecular structures of natural properties being accepted, rather than rejected by our skin—which is often the case of products with toxic or lab-created ingredients. These ‘accepted ingredients’ include Geranium Leaf and Bergamot which go on to makeup the ‘Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser’, with its ability to tone skin and reduce pore size. The ‘Polishing Facial Exfoliant’ is another. With its mix of Pink Grapefruit and Glucomannan Extract, dead skin cells vanish, leaving you with a more radiant appearance. Or the ‘Antioxidant + Facial Oil’ — a serum crafted from Borago and Rosehip that restores elasticity, deeply nourishes and reduces fine lines.
Using transformative properties in every product they bring to market including collagen and elastin, advanced peptides, hyaluronic acids and powerful antioxidants is the key to their success for both our skin and a greener planet. With an ethos based on organic farming which in turn decreases air pollution, increases soil health and nurtures and expands local plant and insect species, Grown Alchemist is working hard to help nature be all that it should. Of course it will be no surprise that none of their products are tested on animals or include any animal derivatives.
Sticking to their beliefs of a cleaner world, the packaging of Grown Alchemist is far cry from the plastic tubes and low grade PET bottles we often see. Opting instead for selected materials that protect the formulations within from sunlight damage and photo-decomposition, all of the Grown Alchemist casings are formed from glass and premium PET plastics—two of the world’s most recycled materials.