Dick Moby — the greenest sunglasses brand on the acetate block

Daniel McGlashan

Fun eyewear for good people. Out of Amsterdam we have Dick Moby, the go-to eyewear designers for those who want the fashion goods without the excess waste. Made from biodegradable and recycled plastics that give a pop of cool to the face, they lead a new generation of designers who care for the earth as much as they do for style.
The brand (named after the 1960’s table Tennis player from the United States) came to see first light when founders, Tim Broekhuizen & Robbert Bettink, both voracious surfers and sailors, saw how much plastic pollution was washing up on the shores around them. Deciding to do something about it, they began what turned out to be a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. With their first collections selling out and no end in sight for the ‘little brand that could’, we contacted Robbert for a little Q&A.
Dick Moby ORY Sunglasses
Dick Moby LHR Sunglasses
Dick Moby SFO Sunglasses
Dick Moby CPT Sunglasses

Hi Robbert! Tell us about the beginning...

Ok so we know how idyllic this sounds but it is the truth. Our mission started on a surf trip back in 2012 when we were confronted with the huge amounts of plastic waste in and around the ocean. As surfers and sailors we decided to address the plastic pollution in a positive way by making high quality sunglasses out of biodegradable and or recycled plastic.  

How else can we help the ocean?

Apart from getting in the ocean as much as you can. Try to use common sense when you enjoy the ocean and beaches. Don't leave anything behind.

Where does the inspiration from your design aesthetics stem from?

We get our inspiration from almost everywhere but we are most inspired by classic and simple designs. We like to translate classic shapes, patterns and colours into contemporary but timeless eyewear.

The Dick Moby identity is one of fun — what’s it like turning up to the office everyday?


"We like to translate classic shapes, patterns and colours into contemporary but timeless eyewear"


What can we expect to see from Dick Moby in the future?

More use of sustainable materials and new models.

What was your most memorable product to bring to the market?

Our first collection. We hoped but never expected it to be received so well. Completely selling out within a few weeks was the biggest compliment we could get!

Global Design Collective works together with Water.Org to help supply water to those who need it most. What is your stance on businesses giving back to the global community?

We really support that. Everyone can make a small difference and together we can make a change.

If your brand was a famous figure in history, who would it be?

An olympic table tennis player in the 1950s, living the life!